Face2Face Communication

Create a culture of openness, innovation, ideas sharing in the workplace.

Engaged employees mean great customer service and bottom line profits, not to mention lower risk and improved retention. The key to engagement is effective communication across the organization, promoting and enhancing a culture of dialogue and discussion. So how do you get more of that? 

True Digital Communication’s Face2Face Communication Learning Program helps your organization create the communication environment that enables your organization’s culture.

Employees want to have a voice, to contribute and build effective relationships with their leaders, managers and each other. With Face2Face, your employees learn how to communicate openly, honestly and directly, leading to improved organizational performance.

Our facilitators will teach you a disciplined process for effective communication for all levels of employees: How to communicate, what to communicate and how to listen. Participants become better leaders and contributors. They forge a new way of thinking about communication, and they walk away with tools to use immediately that produce immediate results.


Teams collaborate better.


Leadership is more effective.


Employees become more knowledgeable.


Smoother mergers, aquisitions and spin-offs.


Empowered employees will innovate. 


Rich in dialogue, discussion and alignment.

At the heart of Face2Face is the idea that everyone in an organization plays a role in creating value, and in making that organization a great place to work and build a career. Leaders and managers set the tone at the top, but only when true communication happens – up, down and across the organization – will culture rise to enable strategy. You can’t change others – you can only change yourself.

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True Digital offers an e-book that outlines the Face2Face Communications Program. It uses a combination of story and instruction to teach you the F2F tools and how to use them. 

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Meet Your Facilitator

Sean Williams is Vice President and Practice Lead, Education and Internal Communications. He has trained more than 6,500 people in the Face2Face program, for organizations including the County of Kalamazoo (Mich.), McClure Engineering Co., the Iowa Department of Transportation, Lifebanc, First Energy Corp., Quintiles, KeyCorp, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Merck, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Prudential and Lucent (now Nokia) among others.

Previously, he ran his own consultancy, Communication AMMO, and held senior communication management positions with National City Corporation, KeyCorp, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He holds a master's from Kent State University and is a member of its adjunct faculty. 


"[The F2F tools]… are something that I can use not only at work, but also at home and the many community boards that I am on." 


"Excellent training class!! Very useful!!!"

"The presenter made all the difference… experienced, approachable, and well prepared."

"Simple tools that should enhance communication a lot. I am excited to see how well we implement it."

Case Studies

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Activating Leaders to Drive Performance

A County Government needed more effective communication throughout its office and among its many constituencies, and that’s where the True Face2Face learning program came in.

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Effective Communication Training for an Engineering Company 

An engineering company wanted to more closely knit together their team across geographies. They wanted to create an environment rich in dialogue and discussion with more openness and positivity.

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Webinar: Give Your Integrated Communication Some AMMO

Join us as we discuss why it's never been more important to align all your communication activities under a common strategy. We'll walk you through a simple, but powerful, four-step process for aligning audiences, messages, measurement and objectives to ensure successful communications.

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